Watch: Woman Cooks Potatoes And Pooris On One Gas Stove To Save Gas; Internet Divided


From odd food combos to bizarre cooking techniques, the Internet never runs dry of culinary experiments. Remember the Oreo Maggi dish that shocked both cookie and noodle lovers? Or the time when chicken strips were being roasted on Ferris Wheels? Interestingly, most of these endeavours are carried out by the general masses, leaving us puzzled and amused at the same time. Recently, another strange cooking method has been leaving social media users with more questions than answers. In the clip dropped on Instagram by a user, a woman could be seen making poori and aloo sabzi simultaneously on one gas stove. The reason? To save gas.

The clip opens with the visuals of some potatoes being boiled inside a pressure cooker. Since the cooker did not have a lid, the rising steam was visible. The woman takes up another cooking pot and places it on the opened cooker. She pours a substantial amount of oil into the pot and gently places a few rolled-out doughs inside. With a cooking spatula, she fries the pooris in the boiling oil until they turn fluffy and crispy, emanating a golden-brown colour. 
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Through the unique cooking process, both the pooris above and the potatoes underneath got the required heat. It only took one gas stove to prepare both the pooris and its accompaniment aka the aloo dish. 
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The internet users who came across the video were divided in their opinions regarding the process. One user bluntly termed the method as “Impossible”. Agreeing with them, another commented, “The boiling point of water is 100 degrees and the boiling temperature of vegetable oil is 300 degrees, so this is next to impossible.” 

Heaping praise on the woman, an individual wrote, “The best way to save gas! Salute.”

“What A Talent,” lauded a person. 

Expressing their desire to try the procedure, an Instagrammer remarked, “Me bhi try karungi (I will try it as well)” 

So far, the video amassed over 7.4 million views on Instagram. What are your thoughts on this cooking tactic? 

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