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Feb 6, 2024

New Delhi: Head coach of Mumbai Indians mark boucher The decision to grant relief has been disclosed Rohit Sharma Captaining the team was a challenging choice, intended to allow him to focus on his batting, especially given his less-than-ideal performances over the past few seasons.
In the highly talked about and unprecedented 'all-cash trade' in IPL history, the Reliance-owned franchise reacquired the all-rounder hardik pandya After his impressive two-year stint with Gujarat Titans. After this acquisition, the team appointed him as the new captain in place of Rohit, who had led the team to five IPL titles. “We saw a window to get Hardik back as a player,” Boucher told South Africa-based podcast 'Banter With'. Boys'.
“We still want him (Rohit) as a player, absolutely because we know he has some great value to add and just go out there and really enjoy it, being the captain. Without publicity.”
“He's probably not had the best of seasons with the bat, but he's done well as captain and I thought after speaking with the whole Mumbai Indians group, we thought maybe this was an opportunity for him to step up one last time.” year or more,” the coach said.
Despite the ongoing excitement around the Indian captain, Boucher is hopeful that Rohit will now have more freedom to operate more freely with the bat.
He said, “He will still captain India, so the hype will still be there, but when he steps into the IPL, maybe the extra pressure will be taken off him as a captain and maybe we will get the best from Rohit Sharma.” …” have hope.

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“…Playing with a good smile on your face and spending time with the beautiful family you've got, there's no easy way to do that,” he said.
Boucher said that Rohit's busy schedule also puts pressure on the Indian captain.
“One thing I understood with Roh (nickname) is that he is a brilliant guy and he has been captaining for centuries and he has been performing really well and not only for MI but for India as well, He goes to one place and goes there.” The cameras are on him and he's very busy,” Boucher said.
Rohit has a huge fan following on social media and Boucher urged fans to understand that his removal was a cricketing decision.
“A lot of people in India don't understand it and people get quite emotional about it…It's a cricketing decision that has been taken…It will bring out the best in Rohit as a person and a player And let him go out and enjoy himself and score some good runs.”
On Pandya's return, Boucher said that the Baroda player has shown commendable leadership skills for Gujarat Titans in the last two editions.
“He's a Mumbai Indians guy and he won the title his first year as captain and was runner-up the second year, so he's obviously got some very good leadership skills,” he said.
(With inputs from PTI)

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