What happens next with TikTok?


Video social media apps are not going to disappear from smartphones any time soon. The legislative process is still in its early stages after being passed by the House Bill Mandating sales by the app's Chinese owner, ByteDance, or be banned. Next, the bill is headed for doubt management committeeafter which President Joe Biden It will need to be signed into law. Even after that this will not be possible.
Here's what to expect.
What happens next in the legislative process?
The bill needs to be approved by the Senate, which can also make changes to the text of the law.
As this is currently written, several senators have already expressed concerns about the legislation. For example, because the text of the bill clearly names TIC Toc and ByteDance, some are concerned it could violate the part of the Constitution that prohibits Congress By targeting specific entities with legislation. (Supporters of the bill say this won't be an issue.)
Several key senators who could help decide whether the legislation will move forward have remained non-committal. The Democratic leader, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, has not said whether he will bring it up for a vote. His spokesperson did not respond to questions about his plans.
Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, said in a statement that she “will work with Senate and House colleagues to find a way forward that is constitutional and protects citizens Ho” freedom.”
If the bill becomes law, will TikTok be banned immediately?
Biden said last week that he would sign the bill if Congress passes it. But even if he does so, the results will not be immediate. restrictions,
ByteDance will have six months to find someone to buy the app. If ByteDance finds a buyer that satisfies the government within that time period, the ban will never go into effect. If not, app stores and internet hosting companies will no longer be allowed to offer TikTok for download or send updates to the app.
Exactly how likely is it that we'll lose access to TikTok in the United States?
According to analysts, if TikTok cannot find a buyer who can afford the billion-dollar valuation, a ban becomes more likely. This is likely to be difficult.
A sale or divestiture may also depend on whether ByteDance is willing to sell or spin off TikTok's entire global footprint or just its US operations. The law prohibits connections between the two companies after the sale, increasing complications if a US TikTok needs access to the parent company's algorithms or other global versions of the app.
There may also be a ban by the Chinese government to stop the sale of TikTok. China has criticized the new law, and it appears that Beijing will take steps in 2020 that would give it the ability to block the transfer of TikTok's algorithms.
Can anything delay the ban?
If the House bill becomes law, TikTok or someone else will likely challenge its legality in court. A potential ban may be delayed while they fight a legal battle with the government. And a judge could eventually strike down the law altogether.
If TikTok is banned, will TikTok disappear from my phone?
The bill that passed the House on Wednesday does not include any way for the government to remove the TikTok app from your phone. The bill's sponsors did not immediately respond to a question about what would happen to versions of the app already installed on smartphones.
But preventing app stores and hosting services from pushing updates to the app or assisting with app maintenance could degrade service for existing users, even if TikTok is pre-installed, and could cause the app to stop working entirely. .
What will happen to my TikTok posts?
TikTok is required by law to allow you to download its videos and other content.

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