What is ‘Power Mudra’ that world’s most powerful people practice


Power mudra is not just for the Yogi’s and saints but is also practised by some very influential people across the globe. In fact, some people can be seen performing this mudra when they are sitting idle or are in an interview. From entertainment to business to spirituality, one can find people doing this mudra in their everyday life.

For example, in an interview, the champion footballer Cristiano Ronaldo could be seen sitting in the power mudra with his hands in the right placement. In the world of technology and exploration, Elon Musk too could be seen doing this mudra. In one of his interviews, Musk’s hands were connected just like the power mudra dictates. And from the world of Entertainment, famous actor Robert Downey Jr. too can be seen in many pictures sitting with the power mudra gesture.

(Image: @realmarvlee)

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