What Vicky Kaushal Tells Katrina Kaif When She “Fusses” Over Little Beauty Details


What Vicky Kaushal told Katrina Kaif when she 'fussed' over lesser beauty details

Katrina and Vicky in the old picture. (courtesy: katrina kaif)

Katrina Kaif wears many hats. She is not only a talented actress, but she is also an entrepreneur who often talks about her cosmetic brand, K Beauty. In a recent conversation with HELLO! The actress opened up to India Magazine about the pressures she faces due to certain beauty standards and how her husband Vicky Kaushal reminds her of the essence of her brand. Kaif expressed, “I have often experienced the pressure of a certain standard of beauty and the pressure to conform to that standard. I've found this to often be suffocating and frightening. I think that experience led me to what I wanted to create, which was a celebratory space, a place where makeup was about self-expression. And of course, where consumers can know and trust the product and performance of their beauty products.”

Referring to Vicky Kaushal, Katrina Kaif said, “There will be a moment when I will fuss before leaving the house for an event or anything. I'll eventually find something that I see that I don't like and I'm trying to fix it, whether it's the outfit or the hair or something else. And then my husband will sarcastically remind me 'Aren't you the one who says it's moss for you?' (brand's tag line)”

Discussing the unrealistic pressures of society, Katrina Kaif said, “We all struggle with self-image and confidence issues. I think both society and social media put a huge amount of unrealistic pressure on women to conform and look a certain way. It's subtle, but I think it seeps into your consciousness. It's not like I'm sitting on a chair and reminding others to love who they are. It's a reminder for me too, to celebrate myself, isn't it? Celebrate what is unique about us, because that is what makes us, us.”

Talking about the work front, Katrina Kaif was last seen in Sriram Raghavan's film. merry christmas.

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