What Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink Says About Your Personality

Feb 5, 2024

There can be various methods of understanding someone’s personality. You may have a perception of your true self in a certain way but might present yourself to others in another manner. Unravelling someone’s true personality goes beyond what they say about themselves. One interesting way of figuring out one’s personality type is to see through the glass of one’s favourite drink. Yes, your choice of alcoholic beverage can reveal secrets about your personality. We have compiled a list of popular alcoholic drinks and what they say about you.

Here Are 9 Popular Alcoholic Drinks And Linked Personality Traits:

1. Mojito

If you are a mojito fan, chances are you are adventurous. You are also likely to be more of a beach person than a mountain person. You love greenery and all things refreshing.

2. Red Wine

If red wine is your go-to alcoholic drink, you are likely to be confident. You hardly care “what people will think” and your dear ones love you for your candid personality.

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3. White Wine

If you love white wine, then you are likely to be a classy person. You invest in how you look and how people see you. You can also be sarcastic and a kind of perfectionist.

4. Beer

If you enjoy beer, you might be bold and strong-willed. You love to work hard and party harder. You are breezy and fun-loving. You are also more of an action-oriented person.

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5. Rum And Coke

If this is your favourite alcoholic drink, then you are likely to be a methodical and complex person. 99 problems might always surround you but you enjoy the thrill of challenges. Having no problems at all could make you feel bored.

6. Gin And Tonic

Those who love Gin and Tonic are fuss-free people who are sorted in their mind, whether it is a small everyday situation or a bigger life picture in general. People admire them for being cool-headed even in difficult situations.

7. Vodka Red Bull

People who love Vodka Red Bull are usually the ‘crazy’ ones in the group. They let their hair down when partying and can even surprise themselves with their unpredictability. When at work or studying, they can sit for long hours at a stretch.

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8. Long Island Iced Tea

If this is your favourite alcoholic drink, then you are likely to be persuasive and always get your way. You do not mind being an odd one in a group, it is more important for you to feel comfortable with yourself.

9. Tequila Shots

Those who love tequila shots are likely to be bold and sassy. They are unafraid and have more of a YOLO (you-only-live-one) mindset. They are often the party animal of the group and people miss them at gatherings if they are not there.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not claim to provide scientifically proven insights into individuals’ personalities based on their choice of alcoholic beverages. It is crucial to drink responsibly and be aware of one’s limits. 

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