When Its “Undiyo Season”, Sara Ali Khan Relishes All This Food

Feb 6, 2024

Sara Ali Khan is not one to shy away from sharing her love for home-cooked meals. Whether she is off on a mountainous adventure or travelling around the world, the diva has posted many times relishing desi delights. In her recent Instagram Stories, Sara shared a picture showing her love for undiyo, a mixed vegetable Gujarati dish. The collage photo features two shots. The first one showcases raw vegetables like sliced potatoes, taro root, coriander, French beans, brinjals, green onions, turnips, and radishes. The photo below captures the finished dish. In the caption, Sara thanked her friend Arbaaz, who made Undiyo for her. She wrote, “Undiyo Season. Thank you so much.” The star also posted folded hands, happy faces, and chef emojis.

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Take a look:

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Sara Ali Khan

A few months back, Sara Ali Khan explored Europe, and interestingly, she stumbled upon Indian cuisine during her trip. Sharing a snapshot of an authentic Indian thali, Sara hinted at her European location through the location tag. Now, turning our attention to the main question: what was on Sara Ali Khan’s plate? Our best guess includes jackfruit sabzi, potato beans sabzi, dal, chicken curry, rice, and tandoori rotis, complemented by chutney and pickle. In the caption, Sara expressed, “Nothing hits home like home food.” Click here to read in detail.

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Before that, Sara Ali Khan treated our food-hungry eyes with a glimpse of her pizza joy. Though the Italian dish wasn’t entirely visible, it seemed to be a timeless Margherita pizza. Sara struck a pose with a fruity beverage in hand, set against a delightful Parisian scene. Her caption, “Paris mein pizza [pizza in Paris],” conveyed that, even while travelling, food holds a special place in her heart. For the complete story, click here.

Just like you all, we are also waiting for more foodilicious posts from Sara Ali Khan.

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