When Salman Khan Encouraged Sushmita Sen To Wear Heels On The Sets Of Biwi No.1

Feb 7, 2024

When Salman Khan encouraged Sushmita Sen to wear heels on the sets of Biwi No. 1

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New Delhi:

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, who has time and again proved her acting prowess across all mediums, be it films or OTT, recently revealed in an interview with Mashable India that she wife number 1 cum-Star Salman encouraged her to wear heels on screen with him, even though her director David Dhawan used to ask the actress to wear flats. clap The star said, “When David used to say on set wife number 1 That 'Ssh, don't wear heels', I'll come in flats, okay, no problem. And Salman would say, 'This is a nice outfit but why are you wearing these slippers?' I used to say, 'Because you are short, I can't wear heels' and he started laughing out loud and said, 'Go and wear heels.' I will take care of my height, you take care of your height. So I thought that was very progressive. This is something about Salman that I have always enjoyed and loved.”

ICYDK has co-starred Sushmita Sen and Salman Khan in films like why did i love, won't be able to forget you And wife number 1,

The actress also recently talked about her marriage plans and said that she has no plans to settle down. She told Film Companion, “I know the whole world thinks I should at least care about settling down at this stage. I don't care about that. It's important to mention it only because I'm a big fan of the institution. I love and respect him.” of wedding. I do a lot. And I have been fortunate to know some incredible people, including my Aarya director (Ram Madhvani) and my producer (Amita Madhvani), who are one of the most beautiful couples I know. But I'm a big believer in companionship, dosti (friendship). And if He exists, things can happen. But that respect and friendship is very, very important. And freedom is very, very important. So I care about freedom and I accept it, damn my work.”

Sushmita Sen is a single mother to her daughters Alisah and Renee. They adopted Renee in 2000 and Alissa in 2010. Sushmita Sen was last seen in Tali, in which she played the role of transgender activist Shrigauri Sawant. She also reprized her role of Arya in the third installment of the Arya series.

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