Why Do Some Couples Eat Their Wedding Cake A Year Later?

Feb 7, 2024

Many couples celebrate their engagement or wedding reception by cutting a dreamy and delicious wedding cake. They feed each other as well as share the cake with other guests at their wedding party. This does not stop here. Many couples preserve the top tier of their wedding cake and pop it in the freezer. Why? There is an emotional value attached to this custom. Read on to learn more about why people save some of their wedding cake and how to preserve it properly.

Celebration Of Love

The age-old tradition of saving the top tier of the wedding cake is done as a symbol of celebrating the love and togetherness of the couple. This frozen wedding cake is taken out exactly a year later — on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. It is a fun tradition that also brings back memories of your special day by sharing that same sweet slice of your wedding cake. According to reports, this tradition dates back to the 19th century when couples would eat the preserved top layer of their cake on the day of their first child’s christening.

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Plan Your Cake In Advance

It is best to discuss with your baker in advance that you are planning to freeze a portion of the cake for a year. This will help choose ingredients that can be frozen easily for a long period. Choose cakes with buttercream frosting and avoid delicate cakes like sponge cakes. It is best to avoid whipped cream topping and fresh fruit fillings as these may ruin the cake while stored for a year.

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How To Freeze The Wedding Cake

First, chill the cake in the freezer until it hardens. Then wrap the cake with multiple layers of plastic wrap as tightly as possible. Put this wrapped cake in a zipped plastic bag and take the air out of it. Shield the wrapped and packed cake with an inverted plastic container.

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Tips To Defrost Properly

On your first anniversary, take the cake out of the freezer and remove the plastic container and the plastic wrap. Now place the cake inside the fridge to thaw. After the cake has defrosted in the fridge, move it to the kitchen countertop for a few hours. Once it has defrosted, enjoy the cake with your partner. Happy Anniversary!

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