X User Shares Photo Of Ex-Girlfriend Chaat Shop In Bengaluru, Internet In Splits

Feb 6, 2024

A plate of crunchy papdis and tikkis topped with curd and flavourful chutneys is unbeatable. And why not? The burst of flavours that explode on the taste buds honestly uplift the mood at any time of the day. Now, a picture of a chaat center named “Ex-Girlfriend” has surfaced online. Yes, you read that right. A picture shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter) shows a street food shop in Bangalore with its name written on the banner – “Ex-Girlfriend Bangarpete Chats”. If this shop name left you in splits, you really need to read the text along with the picture. Sharing the photo, the user wrote, “Looking to chat about your breakup? Fear no more.

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The picture depicts a woman sitting at the billing counter, while a customer enjoys his meal in the background. If you plan to visit this shop, we’ll inform you about the dishes available for order, all while discussing your breakup and their corresponding prices. At the forefront of the shop, two menus-one in English and the other in Kannada-are visible, affixed to the counter. The shop offers every foodie’s guilty pleasure, pani puri, priced at Rs 40. This beloved street food is followed by masala puri, dahi puri, nipat masala, sev puri, bhel puri, and chips masala. Among them, only dahi puri costs Rs 50; the rest are served at Rs 40.

Do we really need to mention that the comments section is flooded with laughing emoticons from foodies? Additionally, several users have expressed their reactions to this quirky shop name. Many pointed out that one needs to be audacious enough to keep such a name. One comment read, “Need guts to put such a name, still confused whether to cry or laugh!”

While pointing out the customer sitting inside the store, a user wrote, “The person sitting inside looks upset. He must be thinking about his ex.”

Another hilariously commented, “If that guy isn’t a customer, it’s an ex-couple sitting there.”

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“As the best man, it is my privilege to announce that the bachelor party will be held at this place,” wrote the best man of a groom-to-be.

A user claimed, “I’m 100% sure the chaats here are going to taste salty.”

Would you like to visit this street food corner? Tell us in the comments section below!

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