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Mumbai: Zee Entertainment Enterprises MD Punit Goenka Will cut 20% remuneration As it takes “steps to optimize costs and increase productivity”.
In FY23, Goenka earned a remuneration of Rs 35 crore – which includes Rs 21 crore in salary and allowances, Rs 9 crore in variable pay, a lump sum payment of Rs 5 crore and a provident fund contribution of Rs 20,000. His remuneration for FY22 and FY21 was Rs 41 crore and Rs 13 crore respectively.
“The organization is completely focused on adopting an austerity approach… While I am in the process of implementing the necessary steps and actions across all areas of the company, I intend to initiate the necessary change in mindset from my desk. It is imperative to adapt as per the situation and at this moment, 'responsiveness and agility' is the need of the hour… I must add that this voluntary decision (of reduction in remuneration) is limited for me on the personal front,” Goenka said.
Goenka's decision was submitted to the nomination and remuneration committee of the Zee board. Zee Chairman R Gopalan appreciated the thinking and intention behind their decision.

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