IIT Gandhinagar announces second e-Masters degree Programme in ‘Data Science for Decision Making’ – Admissions open for the first batch of May 2024

Feb 6, 2024

Mumbai: In today's rapidly evolving digital world, data is now at the heart of global business to make high-impact decisions. In line with this increasingly important field and the growing demand for skilled data scientists, the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) has launched its second. e-Master Degree Program in “Data Science for Decision Making” (DSDM) and opened the admission portal for the first batch starting from May 2024.
In an era marked by remarkable advances in data science, a formidable challenge remains – translating this knowledge into effectively informed decision making. in e-masters data science for decision making (DSDM) program by IITGN serves as a pioneering effort in data science education to skill industry executives and working professionals and translate their data science skills into the art of strategic decision making.
Unlike traditional barriers that often limit educational offerings to specific departments, the carefully designed curriculum of the e-Masters in DSDM at IITGN is inclusive, innovative and practical. Practitioners from diverse backgrounds including engineering, science, business or any other field can join this program that offers a broad and multidisciplinary approach to data science and its application to achieve concrete results. Through a rigorous curriculum and real-world applications, the program aims to equip students with the tools, skills, and mindset needed to navigate this dynamic landscape.
The two-year program is designed with a flexible, executive-friendly structure to enable enrolled candidates to accommodate their work commitments concurrently. There will be live interactive sessions in the evenings and weekends, aided by self-paced learning modules for strategic learning and discussions. Working professionals and students with undergraduate degree in related field (e.g. Statistics/Mathematics/Computer Science/Engineering/Technology/Science/Economics/Commerce) can submit their applications online on the program portal.
Sharing more details, Professor Udit Bhatia, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, e-Masters in DSDM at IITGN, said, “In the abundant era of advanced devices, technologies and generator models, the preference of machines over human intelligence is being discussed. Continues to unfold globally. Despite these advances, quintessential human capabilities – that is, the ability to ask relevant questions, critically evaluate the resulting answers and options within context, and efficiently translate these into actionable decisions – remain unique and irreplaceable. e-Masters Program in Data Science for Decision Making (DSDM) has been carefully designed to address this, aiming to equip individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise with the knowledge to leverage these advancements for improved decision-making processes.
Notably, admission to the e-Masters program does not require GATE qualification or a thesis for graduation. Program participants will work on two real-life capstone projects and gain practical insight into handling industry projects.
On successful completion of this degree programme, candidates will receive IITGN Alumni status as well as guidance and placement assistance from the Institute. During the programme, participants will also have the opportunity to meet experts during 30-day visits over two years to the IITGN campus.

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